2013 Virginia Mason US Youth Soccer Washington State Championships
Team Schedules - Boys Under 16
Flight Notice:
BU16 Roster Freeze Date: January 7th at 5:00 pm

If you decide to re-schedule before the scheduled game, the roster freezes on the date you play the game. Check with your association or club registrar for their freeze date as it can be earlier so they can complete adds/transfers and player card printing before the State's roster freeze date.

Wildcards are determined by the total number of points divided by the number of games played.
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Bracket Ladder Display Quarter Final Semi-Final Final      

ALL A B C      

Advancing to Next Round :  top  2  place team(s) from each Bracket and  2 Wildcards.
  Tie Breaker
Group -- B 1  2  3  Total
Most WinsGoal DiffGoals For
 B2 : SNOHOMISH UNITED BLACK810826 3  5  6 
 B1 : Eastside FC Boys 96 Red4419 0  -1  3 
 B4 : NWN B96 RED0448 0  -1  2 
 B3 : 3 Rivers SC 96 Evans4048 0  -3  2 

Bracket - Saturday, January 12, 2013
GameVenueTimeFieldGroupHome TeamScore Away TeamScore
 1015  Preston Park  01:00 PM  1 B1 vs B3Eastside FC Boys 96 Red 1 vs.3 Rivers SC 96 Evans1
 1017  Snohomish High School  01:00 PM  Stdm B2 vs B4SNOHOMISH UNITED BLACK 1 vs.NWN B96 RED0

Bracket - Sunday, January 13, 2013
GameVenueTimeFieldGroupHome TeamScore Away TeamScore
 1013  Lynnwood High School  09:45 AM  3 B4 vs B1NWN B96 RED 1 vs.Eastside FC Boys 96 Red1
 1014  Snohomish High School  01:00 PM  Stdm B2 vs B3SNOHOMISH UNITED BLACK 3 vs.3 Rivers SC 96 Evans0

Bracket - Sunday, January 27, 2013
GameVenueTimeFieldGroupHome TeamScore Away TeamScore
 1016  Tri Cities Youth Soccer Association Complex  12:00 PM  10 B3 vs B43 Rivers SC 96 Evans 1 vs.NWN B96 RED1
 1018  Preston Park  03:00 PM  2 B1 vs B2Eastside FC Boys 96 Red 1 vs.SNOHOMISH UNITED BLACK2

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